Traditions and Values Calendar 8.5"x11" - October 2018 - Leisure Lane

Traditions and Values Calendar 8.5"x11" - October 2018

I (Kara) wanted to create a calendar to mark all of our family traditions and exciting occasions/ activities for my children to refer to and get excited about.  I believe traditions keep a family bonded and they create lasting memories.  Traditions are a part of our family foundation.  

After reading the Eyer's book, "The Entitlement Trap", the idea to teach a monthly value became important to me so I have included a value in each month.  I've also included a value challenge which is encouraged to be discussed at a weekly family meeting as well as an award to be passed out each week.  This gives the kids some incentive to keep the value goal in mind everyday. 

October's value of the month is Self-Reliance and Potential.  It encourages our kids to take the initiative to do their responsibilities on their own without being asked.

There is a space on the calendar to write down any new or already occurring traditions, an area to write down a type of service project or ways they can serve one another within the family and a "bucket list" section to list a special activity the family decides they would like to do together.

The 8.5"x11" version of the calendar is great for personal use or to hang in a small area of your home.  I like to print the small version and use it as a rough draft by listing all of the activities and planning out how I want everything to be displayed on the 24"x36" version. 

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